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The Executive Committee of The Council

The Executive Committee consist of :-
(a) All Office Bearers of the Council;
(b) One Representative from each District Council;
(c) One member nominated from amongst the Institutional members of the Council;
(d) 3 members elected from amongst the members of the Council at an Annual General Meeting;
(e) 3 co-opted members out of whom two will be persons with special knowledge in child welfare
(f) Ex-Officio members consisting of one member each from the Department of Education, Health, Social Welfare, Woman & Child Development.

President, UKSCCW

Honourable Governor Uttarakhand
Her Excellency Smt. Baby Rani Maurya
Dr I. S. Pal
Dr I. S. PalSENIOR VICE PRESIDENTMobile: +91 94120 59101
Ekta Enclave, Lane No. 1
Lower Nathanpur, Jogiwala
Dehradun- 248001
Smt. Pushpa Manas
Smt. Pushpa ManasGeneral SecretaryMobile: +91 75790 11633
A-24, Shivlok Colony
Raipur Road
Dehradun- 248001
Smt. Madhu Beri
Smt. Madhu BeriVICE PRESIDENTMobile: +91 98370 88603
19/1 Pleasent Valley
Rajpur Road
Dehradun- 248001
Mr. K. P. Bhatt
Mr. K. P. BhattJoint SecretaryMobile: +91 94121 38258
Ekta Enclave, Street No 4
Nathanpur, Jogiwala
Dehradun- 248001
Mr. Bhupesh Joshi
Mr. Bhupesh JoshiVICE PRESIDENTMobile: +91 98970 35101
281/1 Vijay Colony
New Cantt Road
Dehradun- 248001
Mrs. Asha Srivastav
Mrs. Asha SrivastavTreasurerMobile: +91 81 26 617970

Dehradun- 248001

कार्यकारिणी सदस्य

  1. श्री बाल कृष्ण डोभाल , 38/1, कालीदास मार्ग, देहरादून देहरादून 9557639820
  2. श्रीमती कुसुमलता कुठारी, 242/184 डोभालवाला, देहरादून / 9997012796
  3. श्री परमवीर सिंह कठैत, राजीव गॉधी नवोदय विद्यालय, देहरादून 9411183779
  4. श्री कान्ता प्रसाद सती, राजीव गॉधी नवोदय विद्यालय, देहरादून देहरादून 9410351632
  5. डा0 वी0 एन0 जोशी, जी-35, सेक्टर-2, नई टिहरी, टिहरी 9412076365
  6. श्रीमती आशा पैन्यूली, उप निदेशक, ननूरखेडा, देहरादून देहरादून 9412074485

Our Address

Please feel free to write us:

The Secretary,
Aam wala Tarla, Nanoor Khera
Dehradun- 248 001 UTTRAKHAND

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